HISTORY OF Nadi Astrology



There were 18 significant siddhars including konganar, kalanki Nadhar, sivavakkiyar, Agasthiyar, Bogar and many others who influenced older Tamil writings and philosophical theories.

They were renowned for their writings using smoked and dried palm leaves with nails of iron also known as palm leaf manuscripts, also known as Olai chuvadi or Tala Patra which were utilized later in the century to predict the future.

Our ancestors are part of the valluvar clan and valluvars were believed to be priests of the Pallava King who ruled across the majority of South India for around 600 years. The valluvars were the ones responsible for executing ceremonies and rituals long before they were Brahmins. What distinguished them from other priests was their expertise in Astrology, medicine and astronomy by decoding olai-chuvadi or palm leaf writings by the 18 Siddhars who were dedicated to their ahaman. Their the chanting, and astrology were inexhaustible that they were placed in a high place in the social strata and were highly regarded and valued more than the status of a Brahmin or priest.

life's reason for living

There was also a belief that a lot of monarchs who were far away from northern lands would travel to seek predictions from them after waiting months to determine and complete their Karma (life's reason for living). Pallava kingdom used Sanskrit , Tamil, Telugu and Prakrit as a standard languages at the time, but utilized Pallava script for literary purposes . Later, the kingdom changed to grandha, which is very similar to Pallava script, since it's an ancestor of it.

Therefore, many handwritten inscriptions or palm leaf manuscripts were translated into grandha. Valluvars could decipher and translate their work were engraved with Slokas to make an astrological prediction for grandha for the coming years. Thiruvalluvar is famously known for its writing thiru Kural is considered to have been a valluvar and that is why the palm leaf manuscripts that were used to write the thiru Kural.

In the later years of British government, it was brought to their attention that there were inscribed manuscripts which could predict the future of people and they compelled many valluvar astrologers for them or translate it into English however, the astrologers refused. Thus, many manuscripts were burned and destroyed in a mass manner. the manuscripts, and some were taken and transported to Britain and later found in a few museums.

But a significant amount of the scripts were secured and protected by numerous royals, priests, and valluvars as well, since they recognized the significance of these inscriptions.

We had to establish our identity, the lineage of our family, caste, and gotra to get them back following the declaration of independence. The majority of them were returned to us, particularly a large portion of the manuscripts from Sivavakkiyar and agasthyiar. But only a few manuscripts were retrieved by others who weren't valluvars, and many, even though belonging to our caste were not trained to discern Grantha or to make predictions which is why the many Nadi Astrology centers started with false, misleading predictions leading people to question the validity of nadi astrology itself and resulting in people having different views and beliefs about it.Few were considered duplicated for these reasons.

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